Patriarchs of the Bulgarian rock...


Hi, this is a fansite of the Bulgarian rock band Shturtsite.
Shturtsite (translates as The Crickets) is the first and still the most successful Bulgarian band, considered from many as the Patriarchs of the Bulgarian rock. Created in 1966 the band has more than 45 years history.
However, since the most information in this site (like the biographical book, the discography and the chords) is available only in Bulgarian, I guess it will be not that helpfull to you.
Anyway, the best thing to do, will probably be to go over Audio and listen (and if you want download) some of their songs.
You can also check the bands lineup, look at some HD photos and watch few official videos.
If you have any questions or just want to say something, use the shoutbox, where your post will remain public, or submit it via the feedback, to keep it private and viewable only to me.
Have a nice browsing!